Oct 21, 2012

Oral Armpits?

Reverse psychology. It's like psychology but in reverse. 


According to the most trusted academia-el-informa in the entire world a.k.a Wikipedia, 
"Reverse psychology is a technique involving the advocacy of a belief or behavior that is opposite to the one desired, with the expectation that this approach will encourage the subject of the persuasion to do what actually is desired: the opposite of what is suggested."


It's kinda like if you're trying to persuade your parents to give you extra pocket money but instead of saying "Ma, Pa, me want ka-ching", you'll be like "Ma, Pa, I don't need extra money from you. I think I'll just need to be independent and find some other source of money by doing some part time job ... by being a PROSTITUTE". 

Let's be honest, it won't always work 100%. Sometime parents might be excited to see their little Regina turn into Ms.Regina-Vagina *I'm not judging*, and thus you'll get reversed-reverse psychology biting your sad ass away. Sad huh?

Wipes those tears away gurll..

'Cos to be able to masters the art of you-gonna-do-the-hell-what-I-want-you-to-do-ish by using your oral talent *smirk*,it takes wayyy beyond just using R.P as your personal tool of domination .. No you need more; you need to be fast, witty, canny, cunning and poised with a little dash of sarcasm to really be sure that you opponent gets the message - conscious and unconsciously.
I call it Advance Reverse Manipulative Psychology In Time (A.R.M.P.I.T), and here's how you use it :-)

she.eat.teas presents: 


Situation 1. "Do you think I'm fat?"
Obvious Answer: "YES"

BAD: You might want to lose some weight .. Just saying :-/
MEH: You have great curves, but I bet it'll look better if you define it :-)
GOOD: Fat? Ohhh absolutely NO. You look just fine. Some people are born large, you can't change it, it's in their genetics. Kinda like a whale is meant to be a whale, you can't expect it to become a mermaid, right? Hahaha *awkward laugh*

You'll make a tasty lard nugget ... emm yumm

Situation 2. "Do you think I'm pretty?"
Obvious answer: "HELL NO"

BAD: Errrr... I think you look cute :-)
MEH: You are pretty but in a different way, normal people may not realised it :-)
GOOD: *Scan from head to toe* If I was a different species, you'll be like the prettiest living creature in the universe. But sadly I'm human, tee-hee.

Roast Duck? emmm yumm

Situation 3. "Don't be gay. It's a sin."

BAD: It's my choice... don't tell me you have never sinned before >:-(
MEH: Yes, I know. But my pastor told me that one should never judged others too :-)
GOOD: I'm not gayyyyyy, I just act this way to attract the ladies, ughh. Hey you wanna watch some porn? I got this nice straight porn that is so twisted, you should watch it! :-D *baitbus*

See .. Boobs. Obviously straight porn. Nothing gay here, na'ah.

Situation 4. "So how does my food taste like?" :-D

BAD: Emmm.. *gulp* ... Yummy
MEH: It's a good try. Definitely different from what I used to eat :-)
GOOD: I forgot to tell you, but I'm bulimic. I need to puke out every wholesome meal that I had. Hope you don't mind. Now where's the toilet? Nice food anyway, tee-hee

Mommmmm..are you trying to kill me?

Situation 5. "Let's hook up" ;-)
Obvious answer: "POLICEEEEEEEEEEE"

BAD: Ewwwwww ... How bout no? :-/
MEH:  I love too, but I think we should get married first :-)
GOOD: Awwwww... it's that a way of saying you want a kiss? Ohh you're so cute ;-) *pinch cheeks, then walks away*


Situation 6. "It's only my opinion, but I think you should bla bla bla.."
Obvious answer: "FUCK YOU"

BAD: That'snot a nice thing to say >:-(
MEH: Well thanks for you opinion, I realised ALL of us are not perfect. So thanks for showing your concern towards me :-)
GOOD: You know what? I guess you are right. You are always concerned about me.  I will change for good. God, thanks man. You are my idol. I wanna be like you. Can we hangout more often? Can we be bros? Can we be bff? CAN I HAVE YOU INSIDE ME??

Here is a picture of Tyrannosaurus Rex, circa 21st century

And finally... 

Situation 7. *In an argument* "bla bla bla nag nag nag"
Obvious answer: "BLA BLA BLA NAG NAG NAG"

BAD: *argue argue argue even more more more*
MEH: Ok, you win
GOOD: I'm sorry I don't understand dog language ;-) *walks away*

For fuck's sake -___-

Back to writting more craps :)


Here's a random picture. Uuu girl you lookin fierce!

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